What You Will Receive


You will receive your personal visionary Reiki artwork soul path portrait. Personalized soul path portraits are unique colorful abstract paintings or color pens artwork of your unique soul path for self-healing and personal growth. They are a great focal point for creative visualization or meditation for inner transformational healing.


Other options include, your healing Spirit Animal guidance and your healing Tarot Card guidance (major arcana only) soul path portrait. For these options, I will be intuitively pulling a card from my spirit animal oracle card deck and Morgan Greer tarot deck.


Please note that once you choose all of the options that you'd like from the pull down menus above, the total cost and the Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons will appear so that you may make your purchase quickly and securely (no need to contact me for purchase).


Artwork Sizes


Artwork original sizes currently available are 5"x7", 9"x12" and 11"x14". If you'd like your soul path portrait customized into a mug, hoodie, poster, tapestry etc. just let me know and I'll be happy to set this up for you to order. 


Your Healing Crystal Gemstone


If you'd like to have your healing crystal incorporated into the artwork just choose "Yes" above from the pull down menu. I will then intutively pull a card for you from my healing crystals oracle deck and include it's healing message for you in the package. Additionally, I will include any spiritual guidance or messages intuitively received while creating your soul path portrait.


How Does Reiki Art Heaing Work?


Inner self-healing Reiki art works by assisting you to release energy blockages or negative energy from painful experiences that are stored in your energy field or chakras. This natural healing process occurs via your subconscious which is most commonly achieved during dreamstate. Healing occurs on a multidimensional level; healing simultaneously on the emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and soul level, just like Reiki healing energy.


Self-healing also begins or gets the wheels rolling by just gazing at the imagery such as when one is daydreaming. I suggest that you keep your healing artwork in a place where you can glance at it often, such as on your desk while you're working, near your bed on a night stand where you sleep or in your sacred space meditation room.


Inner healing occurs in the subconscious which then rises to your conscious where with some practice become aware of the healing process in dreamstate and can feel the positive results. If you are a sensitive or have vivid dreams you will notice the healing instantly during your dreamstate. Inner healing also occurs via color healing therapy, as each color has it's own vibration. The colors aid in healing and aligning your chakras and when coupled with high vibrational Reiki energy, the colors' healing energies are heightened.


Benefits of Visionary Reiki Artwork Healing Soul Path Portraits


  • Aids in coping and processing difficult or painful emotions. This helps you gain strength to release it and move forward more easily into your happiness, your souls' path and destiny.
  • Helps you gain clarity and understanding of a particular issue that is unclear or hidden to you. 
  • Gives you insight into your current and future souls' healing path. With time, the symbolism in the Reiki artwork just clicks and you understand or become consciously aware of where you are on your healing path.
  • Helps to raise your vibration by recovering any lost personal power and energy.
  • Empower you to know that you do have the natural ability, strength and inner knowing or intuition to heal yourself and release energies that do not serve you.
  • Clears, heals and aligns your chakras via color healing therapy. In turn, strengthening your aura or energy field to help establish personal healthy boundaries, so that the same painful experience/s is not repeated or attracted into your life again.
  • May help you to connect or become aware of your personal spiritual guides or angels, your spirit animals (if you have not already), awaken you to your own divinity, your divine unique gifts or talents. 

Your Personalized Visionary Reiki Art Healing Soul Path Portrait

Artwork Surface
Your Visionary Reiki Art Soul Path Portrait
Your Healing Gemstone Crystal
    • Please be sure to enter your name and location (city & state or country) in the Notes section at Checkout. This way I may intuitively connect with your energy field via distance Reiki and get started immediately.
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