Framed wall art of visionary Reiki art soul path healing portraits against a blue wall in a bohemian interior decor setting.

This rainbow chakra print is a seven chakras poster with healing affirmations. It's a great focusing tool for balancing, healing and aligning your chakras via creative visualization. 


It's also a perfect meditation poster for practicing mindfulness, self awareness or to raise your energy to the highest vibration of love and self-love!




Securely framed in one of three colors (Black, White, or Walnut), this premium poster exhibits its' content through archive-worthy photo paper and ink. 


For easy hanging, there's a backing hardware piece. The framing is made of eco-friendly MDF. Further ensuring durability, the bordering is low maintenance and resistant to swelling and warping.


☮ LexJet Premium 200 gsm paper - museum grade paper

☮ Protective acrylic cover

☮ Frames available in black, walnut and white finishes

☮ Hanging kit already fixed

☮ Matte paper finish

☮ Available in various sizes. See below for details. 




☮ 11” x 14”

☮ 12” x 16”

☮ 16” x 20”

☮ 16” x 24”

☮ 20” x 30”




If the poster does gather any dust, you may wipe it off gently with a clean, dry cloth.




For a simple self-healing creative visualization start at your first base/root chakra. Visualize a bright red color there and say the chakra healing affirmation. Continue in this way gently working your way up to each chakra. For a more in depth healing meditation add healing chakra gemstones or essential oils.

Chakra Healing Affirmations - Framed Vertical Poster

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