Medium: Acrylic on 9"x12" canvas

Style: Abstract

Titled: Ascension Timelines


This is a visionary piece that I needed to express and put down on paper/painting so as to understand what the imagery meant. It depicts the sun and timelines during the ascension process. Essentially during the ascension process the sun is undergoing an evolutionary process where reality timelines are shifting and changing. This is all in conjuntion with the evolution of humanity and our planet. During this process veils of illusions are being lifted so that they can be seen more clearly and for what they truly are - illusions.


The sun in it's own evolutionary process also emits higher vibrational light codes of information which help humanity or the earth's inhabitants reach a higher state of consciousness. 


    • Does not include watermark, hanging wire or frame. Frames in images above are for display purposes only
    • Signed, titled & dated on the back of canvas
    • Has a light coat of varnish to enhance color vibrancy and protection from UV rays.
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