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visionary reiki art healing.

Hi! I'm a Reiki practitioner and visual artist. I create intuitive visionary healing Reiki artwork and personalized healing soul path portraits. While creating I am immersed in the creative healing flow and power of Reiki healing energy. This high vibrational universal healing energy guides me in my creative process to create self-healing art and soul path portraits.


For your personalized soul path portrait I connect with your energy field via Reiki and from there, I begin creating your unique soul healing visionary Reiki artwork. The result is a unique and colorful abstract artwork that speaks directly to your subconscious for your personal inner soul healing and growth. Below is a video that I created to demonstrate how this process works. Check it out!


Because the subconscious communicates via symbolism, shapes and colors, healing takes place most commonly via your dreams during dream state. Reiki artwork healing occurs on a multidimensional level which includes your mind, body and soul. 

It is a safe, natural, and non-invasive self- healing tool to use which also makes for a great and interesting wall art statement piece in your home!

This video demonstration is the process of a personalized intuitive visionary Reiki art soul path healing portrait.
personalized visionary Reiki art healing soul path portrait

your personalized visionary reiki art soul path

healing portrait


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