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creative visualization.

healing dreamscapes and Reiki art

Using creative visualization with healing dreamscapes or Reiki art is a form of meditation where you focus or gaze upon a high vibrational or Reiki-infused art with the intention of self-healing your energy field via your subconscious. Once your subconscious is receptive to the high vibrational frequency your energy field begins to balance and flow more freely and naturally. When this happens you become more aligned with your Divine energy body and intuition. The shapes, colors and symbols communicate with your subconscious which in turn infuses your energy field with positive healing energy or vibrations. Because self-healing takes place via the subconscious it also common to have a healing or lucid dream about the artwork. Practicing creative visualization with healing art helps to dissolve negative emotional energy blocks, stagnant energy and patterns from your energy field and is a great way to get your energy field back into natural Divine alignment.


 creative visualization with healing dreamscapes

Below you will find my visionary healing dreamscapes that you can practice creative visualization for self healing your energy field.


For best results I suggest that you gaze at the healing dreamscape anywhere from 5-15 minutes right before bed time. Also, keeping a pen, paper or journal handy is great to jot down any thoughts, intuitive visions, memories, words, place/s, person or individuals, smell/s or feeling/s that may come to mind during your creative visualization. Please do not discard anything as mere imagination, just trust and jot it all down anyway. Afterwards, you can see what you wrote down to decipher what it may mean to you. 


During your creative