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As far as I can remember as a small child, I've always loved painting, drawing and the creative arts. I'm a natural-born empath and energy healer, having two Reiki Certifications and worked in the alternative healing energy medicine field for more than15 years as a Reiki Practitioner.

If you'd like a personalized energy healing art painting all I need is your first name and location (city, state or country) to connect with you. Once I've connected with your energy, I will be able to start your unique abstract visionary healing art painting. 

It will be created on 9"x12" canvas with your unique shapes, colors and symbolism needed for your personal inner healing.

Feel free to message me below for more info. or go to my heART shop and click on personalized healing art painting for more details.

All of my paintings can be used as a focal point for creative visualization or meditation to achieve inner healing.  They are also infused with high vibrational natural Reiki healing energy.


get in touch!          347.709.7574

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