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creative visualization.

natural, non-invasive and fun self-healing tool

Creative visualization is a form of meditation where you focus or gaze upon an image for self-healing. Most of my visionary Reiki artwork is created for this self-healing purpose. The self-healing occurs on a subconscious level where the shapes, colors and symbols communicate with your subconscious for the purpose of soul healing. Healing takes place most commonly via your dreams during dream state. 


Reiki art healing occurs on a multi-dimensional level which includes your mind, body and soul/emotional being just like a Reiki session. This universal healing energy works on an energetic or auric level helping to dissolve emotional energy blockages as well as remove stagnant or stale energy and patterns. This way your energy flows freely and in alignment with nature - Mother Earth, Source or the Divine. Getting your energy to flow freely and naturally throughout your energy field and multi-dimensional body is essential for optimum health. 

This self-healing tool may also help you to release negative energies and attachments in your energy field which do not serve you and your higher purpose or which inhibit your happiness and soul growth. With practice it may even help you to break apart and release cycles of pain or karma from past lifetimes.


with creative

For best results gaze at the healing visionary Reiki art dreamscape of your choice below anywhere from 5-15 minutes right before bed time. I suggest keeping a paper and pen or journal handy to jot down any thoughts, visions or memories that come to mind during your creative visualization healing.


While gazing at the healing dreamscape make a note of anything in particular that comes to your mind. It could be a person, a place, thing, smell, feeling or memory. You may even hear a specific word spoken. Do not discard anything as mere imagination. Just follow where it takes you and trust yourself. 


You may also feel a certain sensation in any area of your body such as on your heart or throat center/chakras. If you feel a heaviness in any particular area this is your soul showing you where there is an energy blockage that needs healing and releasing.

Make a note of all of this and continue to naturally follow where this all takes you. You may close your eyes at anytime for a bit as well, then gently open them up again and continue to gaze upon the imagery.

Keep the pen and paper or journal near your bed afterwards as you may receive additional insight in a significant dream during your dream state. If you do remember a significant dream the following morning then this is a good indication that your inner healing has already begun!


Make sure to jot down anything that you remember in your dream as this will help you to decipher what your subconscious is communicating to you. Making this a consistent and conscious effort will speed up your inner healing process.


Continue with the creative visualization healing that night or until you have gained more clarity, knowledge or insight. Moreover, you may feel drawn to try another healing dreamscape for added insight. This is perfectly fine, feel free to try them all out and use this creative visualization self-healing tool for as long as you need. 

Additionally, if you'd like your own visionary Reiki healing artwork specifically and intuitively created for your unique soul path please click on the button below for more details.

dream state  healing
with dreamscapes 

visionary reiki art.

dreamscapes for self-healing

To start your self-healing journey choose the dreamscape below that you feel most drawn to or the one that would be the most healing for you at this time in your soul journey. Read their descriptions to help you choose.


I've included a simple relaxation and focusing technique below that you may do before clicking on the image to begin. Alternatively, if you'd rather listen to soothing sonic beats while gazing at the dreamscape just click the play button underneath the image. Then click on the dreamscape and be sure to click on the very top left corner arrows to expand the image. Wishing you so much peace and healing blessings~

Aspirational Northen SkyTiny Music
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Drink On The BeachKA
00:00 / 02:35
SecretElephant Music
00:00 / 02:30
Amped UpHarrison Amer
00:00 / 02:39
Time Is EpicScore Squad
00:00 / 03:15
Grey SkyMocha Music
00:00 / 03:05
00:00 / 02:48
RememberingFineTune Music
00:00 / 04:01
AtmosphereColorfilm Music
00:00 / 03:44
KaleidoscopesHarrison Amer
00:00 / 02:29
Moment Of ReflectionBen Beiny
00:00 / 02:48

relaxation and focusing

 Take a few deep slow breaths... Slowly breathe in or inhale and visualize breathing in a pure bright white light. Then slowly breathe out or exhale and visualize all of your stress, tension and worries or negative energy going away, leaving your body... Make a gentle swoosh sound with your lips as you exhale, this will help you to focus on your breath.

With each breath you will feel more and more relaxed... You feel your muscles relaxing and any tension just falling away. You feel it gently falling away from your arms... your legs... your feet... your neck... your back.... all tension falling into the ground. Slowly breathe in, slowly breathe out... You feel your entire body becoming much more relaxed... more balanced... more whole... more centered, free and peaceful...

Slowly continue to breathe in and breathe out as needed. When you feel ready bring your attention to the dreamscape you've chosen above to begin.



visionary reiki artist

Hi and welcome! I'm a Reiki practitioner and visual artist. I've always been an artist since a small child of about six years old. I went to art school at SVA in NYC where I gained an invaluable and diverse art education that encompassed psychology, symbolism in art, and dream interpretation. This paved the way for my artistic expression and unfolding of my soul purpose of healing with art which I called my visionary artwork. I also began painting dream images or visions that I would receive from spirit while in dream state and began calling them visionary healing dreamscapes.


Being a natural born empath or clairsentient and energy healer, I also studied the healing art of Reiki and became a Level II Certified Reiki practitioner. Reiki further enhanced my natural healing abilities and intuition. It led me to create intuitive Reiki art for healing others which are my visionary healing soul path portraits. While creating these healing soul portraits I am immersed in the creative flow and high vibrational healing power of Reiki - universal healing energy. I connect via Reiki Distance healing and from there I simply allow the natural healing energy to flow through me like a channel, all the while being intuitively engaged and immersed in the creative process. The result is a colorful abstract Reiki-infused healing energy portrait of the recipients unique soul and path.


If you'd like more detailed info. on personalized Reiki art soul path portraits just click on the Let's Get Started button below.

And, if you'd like to see a visual presentation (a little over 10 min.) of how I create a Reiki art healing soul path portrait with color pens just click on the live video below.